Planning and design steps of outdoor amusement facilities
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In the planning and design of outdoor amusement facilities, the most important thing is to clarify the design steps

1. The place

First of all, it is necessary to determine the environment under which the designed product will be used.

After fully understanding the use and purpose of the project, and fully analyzing the human geography, historical and cultural background of the project area, combining these cultural elements into the design and planning of outdoor amusement facilities, forming outdoor amusement facilities with local characteristics and cultural signs, and becoming a cultural tourism The place to check in.

2. Target group

Determine the age group of the user and understand their needs. According to the users, design amusement facilities suitable for their use.

3 Types of facilities

After limiting the age range of children, select the appropriate type of facility.

4 modeling positioning

The shape design should be from the perspective of children. The shape should be novel, unique, full of creativity, simple and easy to understand.

5 material positioning

According to children's nature, they prefer soft, natural and warm materials such as wood and hemp rope.

6. Color positioning

The color selection should be based on soft pure colors, such as the green of plants in nature and the blue of the ocean are more popular with children.

After there are clear design steps, you can go deep into the project and conceive a plan.

Of course, in the planning and design of outdoor amusement facilities, especially the design of the amusement facility system of the garden landscape, it is advocated to return to nature and integrate the design into the natural environment of the surrounding landscape.

Back to nature-invisible design

The main connotation of invisible design is the naturalness, abstraction, creativity, and versatility of design, among which naturalness is the central principle of invisible design.

Imagination is the most important and effective method for children. Children always like "monotonous" equipment that we cannot understand-abstract forms that have not been

 defined, such as rocks, sand dunes, etc.

In the design of amusement facilities, some "fuzzy" spaces without specific functions are created to provide practical opportunities for children's creativity.