How to maximize the value of the 53.customer rest area in the children's playground park
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The customer rest area is an indispensable part of an indoor amusement park, and it is also an important part that best reflects the culture of the indoor amusement park. Customers want to know the style of the indoor amusement park, and they can know a little bit from the customer rest area. In fact, the customer rest area is an important marketing position of indoor amusement parks, but it is often ignored by most indoor amusement park owners.

Because here, customers can drink tea, watch TV, watch the latest promotional information, think and wait for the children who are playing. If the marketing is in place at this time, it will not only improve customer satisfaction, but also enable customers to successfully reserve the consumption time and consumption items for the next visit to the store, and become the "permanent repeat customer" of the park. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the atmosphere of the customer rest area and create a marketing atmosphere that can attract prospective customers, acquire existing customers, and maintain old customers. Let's start with the creation of the four senses.


1.Material design preparation

The structure, shape, color, and arrangement are artistically processed to form a sharp color contrast effect, which is easy to recognize and remember, helps to highlight the theme of the event, and has a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-recognize display effect.

2.Selection of materials

Material selection: inkjet painting, creative guide boards, creative stickers, door headers, banners, bouquets, bonsai, hanging flags, ribbons, roll-up banners, K boards, desk cards, atmosphere strips, price stickers, color selection in summer should be based on Green is the base color, and red should be the base color in winter. If you want to highlight the activity discount, you can consider using red as the base color. If you want to give people a sense of novelty, you can consider light blue.

3.On-site layout effect

On-site layout effect: whether there is an active line for customers to purchase plans, whether there is an active line for customers to recognize the event, and whether it is consistent with the main image of the park.


The music in the rest area should be warm and soothing, so that customers can feel relaxed after sitting down. It is best to choose light music as the main music, so as to give customers an elegant store environment.

2.communication and exchange

Communication and exchanges are one of the most important means to shorten the psychological distance with customers. Enthusiasm, politeness, professionalism and empathy, customers do not want to buy cheap consumption, but to have the feeling of being able to take advantage of it. Therefore, We should highlight how much money is saved for the customer.

Sense of touch

Direct contact with customers includes promotional leaflets, products, project effect display, additional small gifts, melon seeds and small candies, promotional bags, water cups, tables, chairs, and ground. That is to say, in addition to the items that customers can touch and touch, provide customers with a comfortable, hygienic and pleasant environment. At this time, we need to do the following: Is the rest area ventilated? Are there cigarette butts, confetti, candy skins on the ground? Have sofas, tables, chairs, coffee tables been wiped clean? Are ashtrays cleaned in a timely manner?

The sense of smell

According to survey statistics, 75% of people's emotions are generated by the sense of smell, because what is the "most important little thing" every minute? Needless to say, it must be breathing! With every breath we encounter various scents in the air. Therefore, the customer rest area does not necessarily have to be filled with various fragrances at all times, and it does not necessarily have to have all kinds of unpleasant odors. This refers specifically to the odor from the bathroom, the smell of smoke from customers, and the staff did not have time to deal with personal smells. Hygiene, body odor, and other important factors that will affect whether customers are willing to stay in the customer rest area.

Do a good job in building the above four senses, plus the important factor of people playing on the spot, I believe that all marketing activities in the customer lounge will be greatly increased, and the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort will be achieved.