Basic planning of outdoor children's playground
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The core of an outdoor theme park is the themed experience, and the shaping of the theme generally comes from the leading role of the amusement project, but not all. No matter how exquisite the amusement equipment is, it is always the category of mechanical equipment, so it also needs to be set off by the surrounding environment, so The complementary landscape design is a powerful design that highlights its theme, and also plays an important role in rendering and controlling the atmosphere of the whole garden.

Small rock climbing can bring children the right exercise effect, and the competition and entertainment effects are also very prominent; typical representatives of amusement projects suitable for placing on slopes are climbing and slide projects. Combining the advantages of slides: classic relaxing and leisure games, the atmosphere of slope play is good enough, and such a corner of the park can carry more happy childhood hours.

One of the advantages of outdoor theme parks is the blessing of the natural environment, facing the blue sky, beautiful mountains and rivers and freedom. So proper landscape design is the finishing touch for theme parks.

No matter what kind of theme park it is, its purpose is to bring joy to more people. Children's theme parks naturally correspond to children. Most of the time, children just passively accept the worldview from adults, so what kind of world do we want them to see? What kind of cognition they will get in the world, and how concrete the natural environment of the outdoor park is, it is self-evident for children.

The environment of the  children's playground  must not only reflect the fun of the children's playground, but also give children space to play freely. Therefore, in the design process of children's playgrounds, space should be reserved for children, and entertainment projects should be combined with outdoor space to provide children with a rich sensory world through the extension of space.

Through the professional perspective of children's playground design and planning, education is integrated into entertainment. Greatly enhances their ability to learn more while playing. A series of courses are continuously launched to allow children to learn knowledge through games and enhance the attractiveness of education through entertainment.