Fun items in the trampoline park
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In recent years, the trampoline park has gradually become a popular indoor amusement project. The project has rich gameplay, and complete configuration facilities, and is not affected by weather conditions. It can be open to customers around the clock. Trampoline park has always been a trendy net red sports enthusiast. Carnival stage.

trampoline park  is a comprehensive amusement park that freely combines various items according to the site conditions, usually composed of multiple areas. Tongle Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. now introduces the common combination of trampolines!

1. Sponge block area. Use the trampoline to make the body rise in the air. After completing various actions in the air, jump directly into the sponge pool. The action can be thrilling, but the posture can be very beautiful.

2. Trampoline spider wall area. Also known as Spider-Man, the player jumps on the trampoline in a sticky suit like a zombie to the sticky wall, jumps, and sticks to the wall. Putting on special clothes, you can stick to the wall with the elasticity of the trampoline, and you can form a team to compete and compete higher than whoever jumps.

3. Basketball area. Use the rebound force of the trampoline to jump up, and then throw the ball into the basket, allowing you to easily become a master dunker in the air and experience the freedom and fun of jumping.

4. Balance beam. Balance is an important function of the human body. In daily life, the ability to balance is particularly important for maintaining various postures, carrying out various lives, and responding appropriately to external disturbances. Walking on the balance beam can effectively adjust the balance ability. Stand on the balance beam and have a showdown with your friends. If you want to KO the opponent, you must seize the moment!

5. Diving platform. If you don't know how to swim, you can't experience the thrill of diving. Today, I will take you to the diving platform without water, so that you can try a different feeling. Jumping up, flipping in the air, and falling into the sponge pool are the cool expressions of trampoline athletes. In addition, there is a rock climbing area next to the sponge pool, allowing people to fully enjoy the excitement and excitement of falling into the foam ocean from the air.