How about starting a business in indoor playground?
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First of all, we believe that in order to succeed in starting a business, one must have enough courage . For starting a business, many people have their own ideas, but most people want to work for a few years before starting a business, but this is easier Lost the passion for entrepreneurship. Of course, if you want to start a business, no matter how detailed the planning is, you need funds to run it. Without money, everything is a fantasy. Therefore, the availability of funds is the first and most important item of entrepreneurship.

For a successful entrepreneur, it is necessary to understand the needs of the current market. For example, when an entrepreneur thinks about starting to start his own business, he first lists a number of projects in addition to the more suitable stores for his own business, from car washes, hardware stores, dry cleaners, bun shops, etc. to naughty castles. . After analyzing the saturation and profit status of various stores in the surrounding cities, it was confirmed that the final project was an indoor children's playground. Adequate investigation and preparation in the early stage can save unnecessary trouble.

Indoor playground investment is a good business plan for the current social development trend. This industry is currently a sunrise industry, with low investment, fast return, stable income, low loss, no risk of cargo pressure, one-time investment, always benefiting, and easy to manage. But site selection is very important. It is also necessary to determine the free sales volume of the business according to the grounds and the flow of people in each area. Clarify your market position. Then start from the site selection and analyze the prosperousness of the area, urban consumption level, population structure, geographical location, rent level, whether communication is convenient, the distribution of surrounding consumer groups, kindergartens, early education centers, children's photography and a series of related businesses. , The most important thing is the distribution of competitors, charges and business conditions.

As a large educational toy for children, Indoor playground has been loved by children since its birth, and it is definitely easier to do business with children nowadays. As long as you choose a good place, you can start net income in most of the month. We have conducted some consultations with some customers who have purchased products from our company, and the feedback conclusion is: the profitability of this industry is very optimistic, but the venue is very difficult to find. Some business operators in prosperous areas say that it is not a problem to earn 1,000 USD a day. And if you do business during the winter and summer vacations during the holidays, the income will be more. This is what a customer told us when he came to buy the product. And some customers in small counties in the mainland, buying naughty castles and the like, are not so good. Of course, we also have to remind everyone that every business has certain risks, and no one can guarantee that you will make money. If you need to buy, it is best to look at the local consumption level and the flow of people. There is no business that is not profitable, only who have not seen good business opportunities.

After determining the project, in order to better operate, it is necessary to understand the characteristics and selling points of this type of store in detail. For indoor children's playgrounds, it is also necessary to plan in detail what game items the store needs to add and choose to place the store in a location with high traffic. Then we have to enter the second stage to select the location of the store. It is recommended to inspect the flow of people in each lot and register it in the table for data comparison and more scientific selection of the lot. Then negotiate with the mall, pay attention to skills and try to get the upper hand.

After confirming the address, you must design the shop drawings. Next, you must confirm the calculation of the major expenses such as the manufacturer's manufacturing costs, material costs, decoration costs, and employee salaries of Naughty Fort. Pre-set early investment must be preset to avoid exceeding the budget and losing money. .After that, the number of employees, the distribution of working hours and the arrangement of jobs must be estimated.

After the cost is confirmed, in terms of ticket price positioning, it needs to be adjusted according to the consumption level of each region. While striving to obtain a competitive price advantage in the same industry, while maximizing their own interests as much as possible, entrepreneurs can come up with a variety of consumption models, similar to bundled promotions, which can attract customers on the one hand, or set up a membership system. It is a good idea to bind customers.

In addition, we must pay attention to some legal matters. In the "Consumer Terms of Use" when consumers enter the park, the responsibilities and obligations of both parties must be clearly stated to avoid unnecessary legal disputes. Therefore, it is also necessary to vaccinate in advance in terms of law.

After dealing with the general project, we must also consider the analysis of competitors, and continue to innovate and find our own advantages. We must constantly consider what are the characteristics of our services? What benefits can it bring to customers? If the service is innovative and unique, how can people go to consume it? If the service is not special, why should others buy it? And other issues.