How much area does a trampoline park need
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Many investors have such confusion when investing in trampoline parks( They don't have much operating funds themselves, and they don't know much about the operation status of the entire project.

So how many square meters of trampoline park should I invest in? For this question, I made a deep analysis and came to the following conclusions. I hope that it is more appropriate to build a trampoline park in terms of how many square meters of floor space are required, so that investors can easily solve such a problem.

First of all, a trampoline park ( an investment that requires high equipment. Consider the actual costs and factors in the entire investment. The size of the venue, venue requirements, equipment requirements, operational requirements, etc., these are the core factors that affect the size of the venue you choose.

own actual situation

If you are a novice investor, investing in the amusement industry for the first time, and you are a first-time entrepreneur, I suggest that you can choose to invest between 300 square meters and 500 square meters, with a relatively small area, because the entire The core operating costs of the venue are not too much, and it is easier to operate it by yourself as a store manager.

If you are a cross-industry investor and have a lot of spare funds, it is recommended that you choose a larger venue, 500 square meters to 1,000 square meters are more suitable. The main reason is to carry out diversified development and seek more profit space for themselves.

Venue requirements

In fact, in many cases, the actual area of the venue is used as the premise, and certain restrictions will be imposed on the requirements of the venue in the later stage.

However, as an investor, you should also have a preliminary budget. What are the requirements in your venue, do you need to have high-altitude projects, and do you need large-scale equipment? These questions need to be investigated.

Surrounding passenger flow

If there are more explicit consumers around your venue, it means that your park will have more target customers in the later operation.

Such a situation is usually around a commercial center or a large and high-end residential area, and the area can be set according to the actual consumer population ratio.

In fact, in addition to the above factors affecting the selection of venue size for an indoor trampoline park, there are many other factors that will affect the size of the venue.