How much area does an indoor children's playground need?
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If you want to open a children's playground(, what size is more suitable? This needs to be considered comprehensively from many aspects because everyone has different needs, different consumer groups, and different investment budgets, which determine the size of the children's playground. How much area of the children's playground is better? I hope the following analysis will be helpful to you.

1.Combine your investment needs. Are you opening a children's playground( to make money? Or to attract traffic? If it is to make money, where do you plan to open it? The different consumer groups you face also determine the size of your children's playground.

If you want to drive in a big city, it is recommended to do more than 500 square meters if the budget is sufficient. The amusement items are diverse and more competitive in the market. If you plan to open a children's playground in the county, it is recommended to be around 200-300 square meters, and if it is a township, it is recommended to be around 100-200 square meters. Of course, if you are starting a business for the first time and have a limited investment budget, it is also possible to open a small children's playground of less than 100 square meters. As long as the project is well selected and managed well, it can be very profitable.

If you open a children's playground( for investment and drainage, there are generally more indoor children's playgrounds with a small area below 20-100 square meters. For example, many burger shops, sales offices, hot spring hotels, toy stores, supermarkets, etc. open small areas of children's playgrounds to open up the consumption needs of children and parents, which not only improves the consumption experience of users but also maximizes profits.

2. The size of the local population and the needs of target customers. Generally speaking, a 100-square-meter children's playground can accommodate 20 to 50 children to play at the same time, 20 children are slightly empty, and the site utilization rate is not high; 50 children will be slightly crowded, and the customer experience is not good; 30 to 40 square meters of children is the best.

Roughly estimated according to the rule of 28, 20 out of 100 target customers can achieve consumption, that is to say, there are about 100~200 children nearby, and a children's playground of about 100 square meters can be opened; 300~500 children can be Open a children's playground of about 200 square meters, and so on.

Of course, this estimate is not suitable for all regions, but also takes into account the needs of target customers. To give the simplest example: in a big city, 100 square meters of 50 children will make customers feel crowded and uncomfortable, and thus lose their desire to consume; while in rural areas, 100 square meters of 50 children will make customers feel lively and happy. Therefore, when determining the size of the area, it is also necessary to understand the needs of target customers for personal space.

3.Market environment and surrounding environment. The market environment mainly refers to the development status of the local children's playground industry (for example, investigate whether there are children's playgrounds in the local area if any, how many? How big is the area? What is the market positioning and operation status? If not, you need to investigate the people there. Traffic, and how many children go to play. You can also refer to the operation status of local related industries such as mother and baby products stores, children's clothing stores, etc.).

In a relatively mature market, children's playgrounds need to have three different sizes of large, medium and small to meet the needs of the market. If there is a small and medium-sized children's playground in the local area, investors can consider opening a large children's playground.

Of course, in crowded places (shopping malls, supermarkets, communities, etc.), it is very difficult to find a children's playground with a large venue and a good location, and the cost ratio of the rent will be larger. This needs to take into account our actual situation to decide.

4, combined with the investment budget. The size of the indoor children's playground is better, and it is also determined by the investor's financial strength. Under normal circumstances, the standard store type of a business is 100-500 square meters. If you have sufficient funds, a large-scale children's playground is of course the best. The amusement items are rich and trendy, and they are more competitive in the market. If you have a limited budget, it is also possible to have less than 100 square meters, because there are many such naughty castles, although the area is not large, but the business is also doing well. The premise is that the geographical location of your venue is better, the equipment configuration is reasonable, and you will also be able to operate in the later stage.

To sum up: whether in big cities or in rural areas, there is no fixed answer to the question of how large a children's playground should be. In addition to the above points that must be considered, it should also be considered comprehensively according to the actual local situation and its own business goals. In one sentence: the most appropriate according to local conditions.