How much does it cost to operate a trampoline park
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The indoor trampoline park is an amusement project that covers young people. Here, they can not only make new friends, but also exercise properly. Many investors are optimistic about this market. So, how much money does the trampoline park need to invest in? If you want to invest, you must clearly invest in the cost of the trampoline park.

1. Labor investment cost of trampoline park. How much does it cost to invest in an indoor trampoline park? The so-called software is the basis of hardware. Trampoline parks not only need to order related trampoline equipment, but also need to be equipped with employees and train them to work skills before they can work. This part of the cost can not be expected to receive a return. If you have 20 employees in your arena, their training costs will reach tens of thousands of dollars.


2. Investment in trampoline park equipment. In trampoline park investment, investment in amusement equipment is very expensive, accounting for about 40% of the total investment. Since the production time of most equipment is more than 40 days, it is necessary to place an order with the manufacturer in advance before investing. In addition, there will be gaps in the final purchase unit prices of different manufacturers, so we need to choose vendors flexibly, mainly to see whether the other party can guarantee quality and quantity, and whether they can provide complete contracts and after-sales commitments.

3. Fees for trampoline park venues. In addition to paying the deposit for the venue, you must also pay three months to six months of rent for the venue. This cost is a large part of the investment in addition to the equipment investment. The cost of renting an indoor trampoline park varies from city to city. Of course, this is all flexible. You need to talk to the landlord. If the rented area is large enough, then there will be strong bargaining power.


4. Fourth, the decoration costs of the trampoline park. The venue must be simply decorated, and the cost can be cheap or expensive. If the indoor trampoline park is located in the suburbs, no sound insulation and noise reduction measures are required.

5. Other expenses for investment in trampoline park. Including commercial insurance, various pre-tax costs and marketing costs. This fee is difficult to use for accurate statistics.

6. Working capital of trampoline park. Any commercial organization must prepare some spare working capital before opening, and ensure that it can maintain the venue operation for at least three months. The more abundant the funds on hand, the stronger the viability of the venue.


The above points just clarify the calculation method and direction of investment. How much money can be spent depends on the investor's specific operations in the investment process. If possible, try not to buy old equipment. The new indoor trampoline park equipment is more attractive to tourists, and the safety factor will be higher.