How much space is needed for an indoor playground?
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The determination of the area of a children's playgroundrequires many factors, and there is no uniform standard range. Today, I would like to suggest that you can refer to the following points for consideration:

Factors Affecting Scale

Generally speaking, there are no clear requirements for the size of children's indoor playgrounds, ranging from seventy to eighty square meters to five or six hundred square meters. The factors involved include the degree of urban development, the needs of surrounding people, per capita income, investor capital chain, etc. These conditions will also affect future operations and various activity strategies.

From the perspective of urban development

First-tier cities have a large population density, a high degree of urbanization, and a mature commercial economy. For investors in children's playgrounds, they have greater control over site selection conditions. Investors can choose a site based on conditions such as rent, floor area, and preferential conditions for moving in. They can also consider the overall needs of the center, surrounding areas, or remote areas in terms of the main direction, so that they can propose a variety of practical solutions for comparison

The needs of the surrounding population

While comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various schemes, the demand of the surrounding area is a condition that must be considered. This is related to the advantage of the flow of people that can be obtained by the operation of the children's playground, which is directly linked to the final income; at the same time, it is easy to adjust and confirm the area of the venue through the surrounding children's playground situation, the demand for children in the area and the estimated conversion rate. In this way, it can not only save unnecessary expenses, but also promote the improvement of economic benefits, and achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone.

Budget input and income

The determination of the site area needs to take into account the situation of its own capital chain, and the per capita income within the radiation range cannot be ignored. First of all, the limitation of the capital chain not only limits the size of the site, but also affects the quantity and type of equipment invested; and the change and adjustment of equipment will affect the budget investment. Secondly, the gradual increase in labor costs and the increase or decrease in the number of on-site personnel will also directly affect the site area.