How should we start to do a good job in indoor playground planning?
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Children's indoor playground  planning is a very complicated issue for developers and investors. As a playground, there are many things to consider. Most of the children's playgrounds are used by children aged 3-12. Children are naturally the whole family. All, it is a trend for us to customize a set of comprehensive amusement equipment that integrates games, education, and fitness. So how to customize a set of park amusement equipment, let’s take a look below.


We know thatchildren's playgrounds  are suitable for children aged 3-12. Kindergartens and elementary schools of this age are used more at this stage. This is also an important reason for attracting parents to play, so when choosing children's play equipment, you can think more about children. Customize some children's fairy tales, such customized amusement equipment can stimulate children's imagination and promote children's mental development.

Amusement equipment selection

As I said before, the choice of amusement equipment should be based on customized children's amusement equipment. Developers can find children's amusement equipment planning manufacturers. When customizing these amusement equipment, you need to pay attention to the age of use. It cannot be designed too small or too large. Use, because children of different ages like amusement facilities are different, 12-year-old children prefer some large-scale amusement expansion equipment, this kind of equipment is more suitable for children of this age, children under 12 years old are relatively weak, we can Customize some light and easy amusement equipment, such as stainless steel slides, crawling nets, trampolines and other amusement equipment.  

The floor rubber or EVA mat must not be used

Many previouschildren's indoor playgrounds  did not have this kind of safety ground. Children are easily injured during use, so now the matching children's play equipment has floor rubber or EVA mat, which can reduce children's accidental injuries to a certain extent, so When choosing amusement equipment, be sure to bring a floor rubber or EVA mat, which is also for the safety of children.