How to do plan for indoor playground
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Indoor children's playgrounds can not only provide children with a playground to play freely, but also a cradle to promote the healthy growth of children's physical and mental health. With the implementation of the national multiple-child policy, children's playgrounds will undoubtedly have broader market prospects in the future. For operators, how to plan and design to make their park more attractive?

Project introduction of children's playground

From the perspective of theme division, indoor children's parks can now be generally divided into ice and snow theme, candy theme, ocean theme, castle theme, space theme, music theme, sports theme, military theme, history and science and education theme, transportation theme, architectural theme , forest theme, fitness theme, etc. Different park themes have different functional orientations. Nowadays, in the amusement market, more and more diversified park themes are preferred, which can meet the needs of children’s play, education and growth in many aspects, and are very popular among parents. favor.

A successful indoor children's playground planning and design plan must be able to enhance the customer's sense of experience and attract their secondary consumption. Therefore, creating a theme atmosphere of the park to make customers linger has become the key point of planning and design work. At present, the high-input and high-consumption park operation model is still the mainstream profit model in the amusement industry, but in view of the high risk in the operation of such parks, the business model of the new children's park can be developed in the direction of multi-functionality as much as possible. The mode of each theme can also be boldly tried.

The color matching is also very important. In addition to the bright colors, it is necessary to match the theme positioning of the park, especially the design of the sense of space. Adhere to the principle of adapting measures to local conditions, and tailor-made according to the characteristics of the site itself. Because different cities have different customs, the design should try to follow the local local characteristics and integrate natural elements into the children's playground to achieve multiplier effect with half the effort.

Profit model of children's playground

Among them, tickets account for a large proportion, and the charging method of the park is usually  6-20 USD per person. Because the consumption level of each region is different, the formulation of ticket prices is also different, and the specific situation needs to be considered. In addition, membership cards are divided into monthly cards, quarterly cards, and annual cards. After customers apply for the card, they can enjoy discounts of different specifications. The application of membership card is related to the revenue of the children's park, and it also needs special attention.