How to focus on children's experience in outdoor park design
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If you want to customize an outdoor children's playground, you need to consider the market, manufacturers, consumers, and budget. Children's playgrounds mainly involve product safety, playability, and customization. Nowadays, outdoor children's playgrounds It is constantly expanding, and the advantages of the outdoor playground have gradually emerged.

How to design an outdoor children's playground should be considered from the perspective of users, such as user experience, consumer groups, and children's mobility. We found that the post-80s and post-90s are now occupying the consumer market for outdoor children’s parks, and the standards for parks are getting higher and higher. The design should take into account the participation of young parents in outdoor children’s parks.

This involves the guide of outdoor children’s amusement equipment, whether the focus is on children or parents. According to the survey on the market, although most of the amusement equipment used by children are now used, some amusement equipment used by parents can be added. Here is a suggestion Parents and users can be taken into consideration, and the outdoor children's playground can be a playground for parents and children to interact with their children in the new era.

Outdoor children's playgrounds are very attractive to parents, especially those customized and fun amusement equipment that make parents linger. Many parents post in their circle of friends to show off that they have also played with this type of amusement equipment. It can be seen that amusement equipment is attractive to parents. Parents also participate with children to meet the requirements of parent-child interaction. In addition to accompanying children, we also need to interact with children in some games so as to improve all aspects of children. ability.

When designing outdoor children's amusement, you need to do a market research first to see which children and parents are around and how many schools there are. Parents' participation needs to be taken into consideration, and children's outdoor physical fitness should be enhanced to improve children's parent-child play experience. The development of outdoor children's amusement parks must take the road of "education and fun", which is the requirement of the times.

The outdoor children's growth park combines hands-on production and physical exercise in various game projects to create a new game experience for children (including toddlers). The bright colors of this place conform to the children's psychology and fully stimulate their thinking to create nerves. In this environment, the children's development potential is fully stimulated.