How to place the equipment in the indoor playground to attract customers?
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For a successful  indoor children's playground,how to place the amusement equipment is a science. The location of the equipment actually has a great impact on the benefits of the park. If the popular amusement equipment is placed in a relatively remote location It is easy to cause the loss of customers and affect the revenue of the park. Therefore, operators must pay attention to the reasonable placement of their own park amusement equipment, and follow the basic principles to arrange the park to bring more benefits to the park.

Good location for equipment

Very popular amusement equipment can be placed at the entrance of the  children's playgroundor next to the cash register. This kind of golden position is generally easy to attract customers' attention, especially for children. It is also possible to conduct a wave of tests on multiple directions of the park to find the best golden position and then make corresponding adjustments. In addition, there should be enough space between children's play equipment to allow children to move freely, so as to prevent accidents such as children being bruised by the equipment while playing.

Pay attention to the complementarity of equipment layout

According to the benefit principle of indoor children's playgrounds, amusement equipment should be interoperable and feature interchangeable to improve the profitability of the entire children's playground. In many cases, complementary advantages can drive the popularity of other children's amusement equipment, which can often affect the placement of equipment. Play the role of getting twice the result with half the effort. In addition, attention should be paid to the placement of the equipment in a well-arranged and well-proportioned manner, so as to achieve a visual aesthetic feeling that makes customers feel very comfortable at a glance.

The placement of novel amusement equipment

The novel and popular amusement equipment must be placed in the most conspicuous position of the park to increase popularity. The purpose of this is to allow more customers to directly see the update of the park's amusement equipment and generate an impulse of interest to experience. Secondly, the placement of equipment needs to follow the principle of layout according to function. All equipment with different functions can be placed together for children to play.

Pay attention to the principle of equipment fixity

When the park amusement equipment is placed, it is necessary to take fixed measures to reduce the vibration phenomenon as much as possible. When the rainy weather comes, many amusement equipment are moved back and forth to cause certain dangers, so the fixing measures are also essential.