How to plan the amusement park children's playground
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Children's amusement parks, children's development parks, professional experience halls, animation cities, whether it is popularity or the speed of attracting money, the return on investment is good in the current commercial complex.

It is a very good investment for parent-child park investors to open an indoor rock climbing gym, parent-child park, children's entertainment, and VR experience store. Whether it is site selection, popular project collocation and equipment selection, store promotion, or internal management of the park, there are still many barriers to entry for the park store. Let us introduce you to the park owner in detail below.

Project research and investigation

It is mainly to investigate the market prospect, investment threshold, etc. before deciding to open a store. Many families spend on such things as children's clubs, children's living halls, and large-scale video game centers. The proportion of the total family expenditure will definitely increase explosively.

Therefore, we think that investing in children's playgrounds in other densely populated areas is indeed a good revenue project.

Generally speaking, the area of naughty castles can be any size, as small as tens of square meters, large as indoor projects ranging from 1,000 square meters to tens of thousands of square meters, and the total investment ranges from tens of thousands to tens of millions. .

Bosses and investors have been professionally assisted by our company. From the feasibility report of the site, the planning and design of the site, to the project selection, the quotation of popular equipment and equipment, and the internal management of the site, our company has 15 years of experience , it is not difficult to assist video game city owners to open a children's playground to achieve sustainable 

Market Research

Investigate the environment of the determined market, including which age group the planned customer group mainly includes, the approximate number of people, the level of local consumption, etc. Clarify the specific number of target customers, and then you can determine the size of the indoor theme park store; which age group is mainly included can become the reference target for choosing technology video game park equipment.

The research on how to spend can help children's theme parks to accurately locate and establish pricing standards. If you want to open a good children's playground, accurate market research must be considered. The brand will have professional market teachers to assist entrepreneurs in conducting market research.

Pre-opening market research for indoor parks is very important

Several important points to pay attention to in market research:

Competitor situation: main profit point; business situation; membership price and membership system; area; main equipment; drainage mode.

Decide what to do

Investigate children's amusement projects, children's amusement city, need to determine whether the local area is suitable for children's indoor playground, children's sports hall. If appropriate, how many square meters should be opened? Equipment quotation Naughty castle paradise, children's naughty castle? Pricing level? Assuming joining a popular brand, what brand will the park plan to cooperate with for free? Determine the specific business plan.

Video games + children's playground is a very good combination. If you decide to do it, you need to decide on the following elements:

Positioning: children's video games, the size, grade, and investment amount of the playground. It is mainly to refer to competitors and assist professional manufacturers in the layout of children's sports halls, amusement parks and equipment differentiation in parks.

To join or find a manufacturer: to join a brand or find an amusement equipment manufacturer to plan and do it yourself. It depends on your familiarity and ability to the industry.

Promotion and drainage method: If you have money, hire a professional company to do it; if you don’t have money, you can do it yourself after learning.


Site selection for children's experience hall and children's video game city

High population density, large flow of people, turbulent crowds, densely populated places such as large and medium-sized communities, and other places are established. It is a very good place to open children's playgrounds and indoor children's play. The site is selected in a more suitable location: large, medium and small shopping malls, residential areas and large communities, and other crowded spots, so that a certain amount of passenger flow can be guaranteed.

The places where children's stores gather are also the best places to set up children's cities and animation cities. If the stores with clear target customers such as children's playgrounds can be compared with children's cities, children's clothing stores, children's shoes stores, mother and baby stores, etc. Stores are concentrated together, which can attract customers to come and spend. Opening a store in these places, the target customers are very concentrated, and the business is easy to do.

Our location selection suggestions:

Power consumption: according to 10 square meters per kilowatt to calculate the power consumption capacity

Building height: The higher the floor space, the better, which is convenient for the development of VR amusement equipment for some climbing projects and sports hall projects. It is best not to be lower than the net height of 2.7 meters.

Firefighting: The building needs to pass the first pass. In the future, if your site is larger than 300 square meters, you have to declare the second pass by yourself. Never sign a contract with an owner who has never been eliminated, there is a risk of closing down at any time;

Certificate: The pre-approval department, if you want to do it, it is best to communicate with the cultural department first. Prevent non-compliance with policy. For example, less than 200 meters from the school or something.

Children's indoor playground Design 

For the planning and design of the park project and environmental art design, the bosses need to provide the necessary information such as the playground, children's entertainment area, amusement city, children's theme park site plan, and the initial ideas and requirements of the park, and then our company's professional planners And designers will design the drawings of the park based on the results of communication with customers and local consumption conditions.

In the near future, the R&D and manufacturing plant will directly introduce the drawings. After the planning drawings are completed, we will give the approximate investment amount of the park according to the determined planning and design drawings. Assuming that other professional companies will carry out the preliminary planning and design, then investment is required. The buyer takes the picture and introduces the equipment R&D manufacturer to communicate the price. With respect to different profiles, the price of the product is also different.

We strongly recommend that friends who are planning to build a park do not determine the style of the park based solely on personal preferences. Because you're serving local kids and their grown-ups money. You must communicate with our designers about the site decoration level of your local competitors. We will combine the local conditions with the most advanced design ideas in the industry to make the most suitable design plan for the local area.

Children's clubs and children's playgrounds usually cooperate with some individual projects, such as: sand pool, children's video games, million ball pool, electric drift car field, Mars drift bumper car field, toy house, doll house, etc. We will recommend popular projects and cost-effective and high-revenue amusement equipment to investors based on the results of the previous market survey and the positioning of the store. As for the price and quality issues, you can rest assured that our company has been in business for almost 30 years and has been engaged in the research, development, production and operation of children's play equipment. The quality and price are absolutely guaranteed and very favorable.

Preparation before opening

Once the venue is determined, can we decorate the store? During the renovation process, can we start to do some preparations for the opening. Machine debugging, printing of various tickets and publicity pages of the park, such as the processing of relevant certificates, cleaning and sanitation, such as the processing of relevant certificates, printing of various tickets and publicity pages of the park, etc.

Children's theme parks and indoor amusement parks need to be advertised before opening, which needs to be put in the first place

Important detail work before opening:

Hygienic treatment of the park, and formaldehyde removal treatment;

Staff recruitment and establishment of rules and regulations

Commissioning, installation and maintenance of amusement equipment before opening.

During the opening period, the implementation of drainage methods and the arrangement of in-store activities

Purchase and display of gifts in the store; posting and improvement of materials for activities in the store.

Operations management

After the official opening of our children's playground, if we want to operate steadily and continue to make stable profits, scientific management and operation are a must!

It can be said that good operation and management of children's playground is the secret to making money

Children's castle, entertainment for children

Day-to-day management focus

Paradise daily management regulations

Paradise daily shop promotion method

Paradise fire protection, safety and health management system

Paradise training system