How to play outdoor playground
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Children's slides are also called combined slides

1.When children play children's combined slides, they should climb the stairs step by step, and climb to the top of the slide by holding the railing. They should not climb upside down from the slide to avoid accidents.

2. Tell the children that they must slide their feet downwards and keep their upper body upright. Never allow children to slide their heads down or slide down on their stomachs.

3. During the descent process, there should be only one child at a time. After the previous child slides down, the next child can start to slide. Don't let the children slide down one by one. At the same time, the children should not be crowded, and they should not rush down to avoid squeezing injuries.

4. Tell the children to pay attention before playing the children's combined slide and see if there are other children sitting or playing at the bottom of the slide. After sliding down the slide, you should leave the slide quickly to make room for the children who will slide down later.

5. Where there are railings on the slide, children are not allowed to climb at will. In low railings, children cannot push each other to avoid falling. In addition, the ladders for some children's combined slides are only thin steel pipes. Children are easily injured by falling from the gap in the middle of the ladder due to stepping on the air. Therefore, when children who are too young are playing, adults need to support them to climb up.

6. When playing, children should not wear clothing with long ropes, scarves, key ropes, mobile phone ropes, etc., and at the same time, girls' long hair should be tied up.

7. Please don't throw rubbish and keep the slide clean.

8. Children must be accompanied by their parents to play skating at the specified time.