How trampolines perform equipment safety inspections
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There are good and bad performances in every human sport. There may also be a risk factor during exercise, as is trampoline park equipment. While bringing joy to everyone, sometimes improper operation or negligence can lead to accidents and affect our health. Safety is the foundation of ensuring a profitable investment.

The quality of trampoline park equipment is directly related to the profitability of investors. Therefore, it is extremely important to do a good job of equipment safety inspection. Let's take a look at how the trampoline park equipment is security check.

1. What are the safety inspection items?

Trampoline park equipment  ( safety inspection items mainly include equipment fire safety, equipment component safety inspection, site surrounding environment safety inspection, metal frame safety inspection of various soft packages, fence equipment safety inspection, and whether there are safety signs in place. Every inspection task is the daily task of the security officer. One missing item is not enough. From every little detail to ensure the safety of children while playing.

2. What are the contents of the security check?

Firefighting is one of the important jobs in all recreational facilities. Each park trampoline equipment( hall must place corresponding equipment according to the requirements of the superior. All fire fighting equipment should be placed in designated locations. In the event of a fire, it must be guaranteed. Get all fire fighting tools. In addition, lines and signs for safe exits must be prepared in advance. All employees must be trained in fire protection, so that each employee has a high degree of fire safety awareness.

The main component of trampoline park equipment is the spring, so it is the focus of safety inspections. Check regularly or irregularly to ensure the safe and normal use of the equipment. Also, check the cushions on the springs daily to see if the surface is worn, sewn in time or replaced with new equipment. to avoid safety accidents.

Friends who come to the park for the first time may not be familiar with the terrain in the museum, so placing safety signs has become one of the important tasks. Safety signs should be posted at park entrances and all safety guidelines posted. Friends, if safety measures are in place, accidents can be largely avoided.