Indoor naughty castle business strategy
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For the children's playground industry, after years of development, it has developed from traditional equipment to a single game and has developed into a multi-functional playground, such as early education, theme photography, birthday parties, parents' and children's restaurants, child care, etc. From the perspective of parents, a single game can no longer meet the needs, and more is to learn knowledge and help children grow. Due to the lack of continuity in the industrial chain, traditional children's playgrounds have been abandoned by parents. While department stores choose children's playgrounds, they pay more attention to new and multi-functional children's playgrounds.

Children's naughty castle business strategy:

1. Thematic activity strategy. From time to time, various interesting children's competitions or parent-child theme activities are held to attract children and parents and accumulate popularity.

2. The store celebration strategy. At each store celebration, implementing the strategy of recharging membership cards and giving discounts will help cultivate customer loyalty, increase revenue, and enhance the brand influence of indoor children's parks.

3. Toy sales strategy. All kinds of novel and funny toys are specially prepared for children. Children can not only play in the naughty castle, but of course they can also buy them and play at home.

4. Free experience strategy. On the day of business, or special holidays, it is specially open for free, so that children can experience the beauty of indoor children's naughty castles, attract parents to watch, and match for a long time.

5. Holiday promotion strategy. Implement different discounts and preferential policies on major festivals to attract more new customers and increase revenue.

6. Trade-in strategy. Children's old toys can be replaced with new or different toys (by supplementing lottery tickets, etc.), and through the old-for-new strategy, the indoor children's naughty castle can be more sticky to children.

7. Children's file strategy. Establish a common growth file for each member child free of charge, so that the indoor children's naughty castle can enter the child's life more deeply, and pay more attention to the child's growth.

8. Mutual benefit and win-win strategy. Cooperate with various training organizations, such as English training classes, so that children can practice English in fun; cooperate with major kindergartens and primary schools to provide them with support for various competition activities, or provide commercial support, expand influence, increase income.