Misunderstandings in operating a children's indoor playground
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In recent years, children's indoor playgrounds have developed rapidly in China. Compared with outdoor children's playgrounds, indoor children's playgrounds are not only a place for children to find happiness and release their nature but also build a relatively safe environment for parents to bring their children, without worrying about the influence of weather such as sun and rain. Take better care of your children in the space. No matter what kind of amusement equipment the operator wants to invest in the children's indoor playground, it is inevitable to fall into misunderstanding of operation.

1.subjective assumption

Operators start from their own preferences. Once they experience a new project and feel good, they immediately start buying. However, once the project was put into site operation, it not only failed to achieve the expected summary effect but also received less attention and popularity. Therefore, if conditions permit, it is still necessary to do relevant research to understand the preferences of nearby consumers and consider them comprehensively.

2.Go in for grandiose projects

Blindly pursuing style, covering a large area, and having a lot of amusement equipment, is the guarantee of profit. This idea is wrong. The most important thing in operating an indoor playground is to do a good job in preliminary planning. It is necessary to make reasonable project planning and scientific arrangements according to the size and shape of the venue.

3.No distinction is made between primary and secondary

The theme was set in the early stage, but while doing it, I forgot what my theme was, so the equipment purchased later was not targeted, and the final planned equipment had no theme significance at all. A park without a theme is not only not conducive to deepening the impression of consumers, but also not conducive to post-marketing promotion. Lack of bright spots.

4.Improper match

The indoor playground area is limited. If the popular projects are concentrated, the crowd will be crowded together, causing some customers to be lost because they cannot squeeze in; while the unpopular projects on the other side have been ignored. Therefore, we need to intersperse hot and cold projects, and only in this way can we retain customers to the greatest extent.

operating a children's indoor playground is a university question, and it is no easier than operating an outdoor amusement park. Therefore, as playground operators, we must continue to learn and review in order to make the park's performance continue to rise.