New model of indoor play park development
Post Date:2022-05-20 16:39:00 Visit:4

There are more and more children's playgrounds now, and parents are more and more willing to take their children to play, so many people start to want to invest in children's playgrounds. In the face of the fiercely competitive market environment, we need to develop a new development pattern to avoid homogenization. Today, I will share some new models of children's playground development for your reference.

The need for parent-child interaction

The age definition of the target group of children's playgrounds is gradually blurring, and now it is both children and adults. Parents bring their children together, so the core concept of the park is to revolve around the growth of the children and the experience of the parents. Therefore, by adding parent-child interaction projects to let parents of children have fun, it is possible to expand the customer base beyond children.

 The need for cooperation with malls

Large-scale theme parks and developers form a brand cooperation model, which allows shopping malls to cover comprehensive formats such as amusement, retail, catering, and experience, and increases the popularity of parks. It is also the second development model of children's playgrounds.

The need for extension projects

As more and more parents want their children to play more diversely, they let their children participate in more sports and exploration projects. Therefore, in recent years, cool sports, expansion, exploration and other novel themed experience activities continue to emerge , we should seize the opportunity to increase such programs, but also provide children with a variety of entertainment activities.