Open a park, how to open the gap with the surrounding parks
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As one of the more popular investment projects in recent years, children's playgrounds are favored by investors. Coupled with the dividends of the three-child policy, the domestic children's playground market has ushered in a blue ocean, and more investors have begun to choose to invest in children's playgrounds. . As the saying goes: where there is a market, there will be competition, and where there is competition, there will be winners and losers. So, how do you stand out from the competition? From which aspects can be developed, the following three points are shared with you:

Find a business location

To operate a children's playground, the first thing to do is to prepare the site selection. After all, the site selection is to determine the long-term operation and development in the future, which is equivalent to the foundation of the children's playground. If the foundation is not laid well, many of them may not be able to do it before they start to operate. Therefore, it is necessary to do a market survey in advance to understand the age group of children in the area, the number of children, and whether the transportation is convenient.

 Find the right manufacturer

After determining the venue, it is very important to choose the amusement equipment and how to plan and design the venue. A large part of the reason for some poorly managed children's parks is the problem of the selection of amusement equipment and the planning of the venue. The amusement equipment is purchased at will, and the size of the equipment and the venue may not be consistent, which will cause the problem of not being placed or wasting space; there is no new idea in the gameplay, the function is relatively simple, and children can easily play it. Tired. Therefore, it is very important to find a good equipment manufacturer, who can adjust measures to local conditions, make corresponding renderings according to site selection, site size, demand, and budget, and make reasonable plans for amusement equipment.

Provide diversified consumption

With the continuous improvement of consumers' consumption needs, a single-level consumption experience is not enough to meet their needs. Many industries are now cooperating with other industries to achieve complementary roles. Multiple experiences can generate more revenue methods, which is much more flexible than the original single ticket revenue model, and also generates more possibilities. Moreover, it integrates shopping, leisure, education and entertainment, not only children can enjoy it, but also the accompanying parents can find fun in it.

All in all, children's park operators can put more details in place, which is very beneficial for long-term development. Everything is based on the good experience of tourists.