The core of an unpowered kids playground park
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When it comes to the emerging and popular formats in the amusement industry in recent years, it must be counted as unpowered playground park amusement parks. What is the core of the unpowered playground park park? Simply put, it refers to the interactive amusement items made of rope mesh, stainless steel, plastic and other materials without any other power devices such as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic. Unpowered amusement, it is obvious that the core of unpowered playground park amusement playground park can also be said to be a feature. It can be understood that an unpowered playground park amusement park does not contain any power other than human power.

But the unpowered playground park amusement park actually contains a deeper core:

1.Focus on young people and children. There has been a growing demand for family parent-child travel in the tourism industry in recent years, and unpowered playground park children's play equipment is precisely a game that drives parents and children to interact with children at the core. It advocates returning to nature and releasing children's nature, including Parent-child interactive entertainment, these factors are the key to attracting family travel around and long-distance travel. From this point of view, the unpowered playground park park also has a drainage effect, and is directly reflected in the current consumer demand of the tourism sector. It is a relatively mature and popular industry carrier.

2. A new type of amusement mode and concept dominated by unpowered playground park amusement. Unpowered playground park amusements have a long history of development abroad. Except for the well-known Disney-like parks, many lesser-known small parks have contributed a lot to the local area.

These functions are reflected in the fact that the unpowered playground park, through a play method of contacting nature, integrating into nature, and pursuing interaction, shapes the lives of teenagers and children in a more realistic and three-dimensional manner, and spreads a healthy children's cultural ecology at one time. Western developed countries and even There is such a model as the forest kindergarten, and the unpowered playground park is the first carrier of this educational concept. We often say that it is entertaining.

The core of the unpowered playground amusement park is not a single unpowered amusement equipment, but a friendly atmosphere for the group of young people and a healthy and positive process.