The function of kindergarten PE spring rider
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PE board is a relatively new building material. It has a history of only a few decades. It was created by us humans and put into use about forty years ago. The development history of materials is very complicated. In the beginning, the stone and wood, from FRP and eucalyptus, to various new types of FRP, to some emerging engineering plastics, and expensive imported engineering plastics, including many so-called environmentally friendly building materials, varieties From the original dozens of kinds to the present, there are thousands of kinds, and the products are more and more diverse and different. Why is the spring rider made of PE board? In other words, what is the PE board spring rider? Where is the good?

1: Chemical properties of PE board

PE board, also known as polyethylene, is a substance with very similar chemical properties to plastic, and we all know that rocking seats are often used and worn out toys, so it is best to use a It is made of wear-resistant materials. In this case, PE board stands out. PE board, that is, polyethylene, has excellent chemical properties. The chemical properties of this material itself are stable, resistant to hydrochloric acid corrosion at room temperature, amines , some other acids, some hydroxides such as sodium hydroxide, including various chemical substances, even the strongest nitric acid and sulfuric acid that can dissolve even human bones, have no strong destructive effect on polyethylene, almost all It is helpless and powerless. Therefore, the physical loss of people in playing is also very small, and there is no need to worry about it.

2: Physical properties of PE board

Another magical feature of this material is that it is resistant to dirt. The PE board rocking seat is very easy to clean. Generally, after being dirty by children, a bottle of detergent, a basin of hot water, and a rag can be used to scrub. Get it done and make it as bright as new, so now more and more toys are made of this material, which is convenient, quick and easy to clean.

Trojan rider, this kind of toy was originally based on "bamboo rider". Lang rode a bamboo rider and made green plums around the bed. It gradually developed into a Trojan horse fixed in one place. With development, more and more environmentally friendly materials are applied, and Trojan rider have also been gradually developed into rocking chairs, PE board rocking seats, which are also one of the most popular toys in recent years.

The spring rider may have been played by many people, it is similar to what we usually see, children can play, adults can also play, made of PE board, is the PE board rocking seat The chair is a necessary little toy for many people's family entertainment!