The role and characteristics of children's playground
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Analyze the role of children's indoor playground

What kind of space is a children's paradise? For children, its role is displayed in many places.

(1) The playground is a relatively wide place, where children can play various games and express and play their emotions through play.

(2) Various types of plant landscapes and things in natural state can be cultivated here, so children can feel the rich appearance of nature and cultivate the practice of loving nature and life.

(3) Many children can play various games here, improve the children's ability to communicate with each other, and cultivate the character of helping each other and cooperating with each other.

(4) The indoor children's playground also has a positive effect on the intellectual growth of children. Sometimes, toys such as mathematical models are placed on the venue to form a learning space environment.

Analyze the characteristics of children's indoor playground

(1) Children's Paradise is a good place for children to grow up, which can inspire children to love life and integrate into the environment and team.

(2) The design should be interesting and promote children's divergent thinking.

(3) The design should be attractive enough, with bright colors, interesting activity facilities, places for games and proper management.

(4) The design of the children's playground should have sufficient natural environment (such as plants, geographical environment and animals).

(5) The design should be suitable for the children's play preferences. The design and the space environment of the venue equipment can be unified, so that the dynamic and the static are blended together without conflicting with each other, so as to better guide the children to play.