What are the advantages of an indoor playground being next to the supermarket?
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Regarding the location selection of children's indoor playground, many investors have noticed the impact of differences in urban development, and in the selection of specific business districts, they mainly focus on the surrounding areas of shopping malls and residential areas. However, as a site not inferior to the former, supermarkets are often overlooked by investors. So how about opening a children's indoor playground in a supermarket? Are there any advantages? Regarding this point, let's answer it below.

The advantage of human traffic

Generally speaking, in the location selection of large supermarkets, a high degree of convenient transportation is the primary condition, which will also bring the advantage of the flow of people. For children's playgrounds, the level of traffic has a significant impact on the effect of publicity and promotion. Obviously, the same conversion rate will greatly increase the final revenue that can be created with the increase of the audience base. If the marketing plan is appropriate and the experience satisfaction is high, it will not only increase consumers' recognition and cohesion of the brand, but also greatly increase the possibility of re-consumption or even continuous consumption. In addition, consumers will be more willing to take the initiative to carry out secondary publicity of the brand. While reducing the cost of investment, the accuracy of publicity will also be significantly improved.

The particularity of the venue

As a place that mainly purchases materials, the particularity of the supermarket is not convenient for parents to take care of their children during the shopping process. A momentary carelessness may cause various safety hazards or adverse consequences, which have to be guarded against. In addition, the shopping process in the supermarket is relatively simple, and it is difficult to arouse children's participation. Over time, it may cause children's dissatisfaction and even affect the parent-child relationship. In this case, it will undoubtedly bring more advantages to open children's playgrounds around the supermarket. For parents, there is no worry about child care, the shopping experience will be improved, and the time will be more controlled; moreover, children are managed by professionals, which can reduce safety hazards and obtain various benefits. Growth kills two birds with one stone. For investors, the improvement of consumption effect and customer satisfaction is bound to be conducive to the sustainable operation of the project and create greater economic benefits.

Can be co-promoted

In order for the children's indoor playground to truly achieve sustainable operation, even if it has the advantage of the flow of people, the planning and organization of the event must also have characteristics, so that consumers can get greater benefits from it. At this time, if the advantages of the surrounding industries can be used for joint promotion, it will undoubtedly be more conducive to the operation of the children's playground, and even the benefit effect will be greatly improved. By organizing joint activities with supermarkets, using methods such as exchanging experience coupons for full consumption, coupons for consumption, and obtaining shopping discounts by applying for cards, as well as joint promotional activities during festivals, etc., mobilize consumers' enthusiasm for participation and promote mutual consumption effects. At the same time, it can also allow each to obtain the replenishment of the flow of people to achieve a win-win cooperation.