What are the benefits of playing slides How do children of different ages play with outdoor slides?
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It is children's nature to love to play, guide them correctly, let them experience happiness and strength in playing, which is beneficial to children's physical and mental health, and kindergarten slides are one of the amusement facilities that children like, so why are kindergarten slides popular with children? We like, what are the benefits of kindergarten slides for children?

What are the benefits of playing outdoor playground slides:

1.Promote the baby's tactile development, let the baby experience the difference of touch in the process of playing various slides, and promote the development of touch.

2.The slide is the baby's initial feeling of "speed". Slides of different lengths and inclinations bring different speed experiences to babies. Most babies' initial feelings about speed come from the process of playing slides. The stimulation of the vestibular system is provided by acceleration and sudden deceleration, so that the child's neural pathway is smooth, and the increase or decrease of the speed can be experienced and enjoy endless fun.

3. Exercise coordination ability and enhance body control. From the process of slide, the baby needs to master his own balance and speed, and get the exercise of physical coordination.

4. Promote sports development. Babies who often play slides will have good balance ability, because they learn to judge the relationship between themselves and the ground, so as to establish a sense of balance and form the concept of visual space. Good balance is the foundation of athletic ability.

How do children of different ages play on the outdoor play slide?

8 months - 1 year old: At this time, the child can play the very low slide indoors. But at this time, the child can't control the balance of his body. During the sliding process, parents must protect the child along the slide.

1-2 years old: Under the protection of parents, children can play the straight slide with a relatively small slope, so that children can understand the rules of the topic.

2-3 years old: Try getting your child to slide a small slide. During the process, children can be guided to control the sliding speed by holding and releasing the two positions on both sides of the slide, and feel the balance and body friction.

3-4 years old: Allows children to try large slides and spinners. Consciously exercise your child's physical coordination. In the case of safety and no one, try to let the child crawl under the slide if you want, and exercise the child's limb strength and coordination of hands and feet on the smooth slope.

The slide brings unrepeatable joy to most children's childhood. It is not only exciting and fun, but also allows children to exercise their motor function and coordination of limbs during play. Therefore, we should pay attention to encouraging children to play slides and letting children play slides safely.