What are the publicity of a kid playground
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The publicity plan of the children's playground is to make these points so that the playground can have a good business every day. At present, most of the customers who buy amusement equipment ask about the price and material of the amusement equipment, and some customers ask about the production progress. However, there are still a few customers who will ask how to promote and plan the children's playground after it is completed. So today I will learn the publicity methods of Children's Paradise with everyone. How to use publicity to make your naughty castle children's playground more prosperous.

Web Promotion

In this Internet age, the power of the Internet cannot be underestimated. Generally speaking, children's playgrounds are mainly for fixed cities, which also allows us to obtain greater benefits in online publicity. Online publicity mainly uses local forums, such as posting corresponding information, corresponding discounts or group purchases on local information websites. In addition, making friends in the same city and other groups in the same city are all good places for us to promote the children's palyground. The advantage of this method is that it saves time and effort and has a lasting publicity effect. The disadvantage is that it can only target some network users and has relatively few goals.


This is also a very direct and effective method. For example, printing has its own unique characteristics. When it opens or within a certain period of time, it invites users to experience in the form of discounts, half-price, and free, so as to increase the popularity of the store and the source of users. Whether it is to play once or continue to play, at least know that there is a children's playground somewhere. The advantage of this method is that it is fast and effective, but the disadvantage is that it requires manpower to allocate. The distribution is mainly concentrated at the entrance of shopping malls, nearby primary schools, kindergartens, communities, etc.

Mobile advertisement

It has also become popular in recent years. You can publish your own publicity on electric cars, motorcycles or various types of cars, and pay monthly or quarterly. In theory, it is very practical to reach the publicity in the same city, but due to the high cost, it can only be invested in a small range.

Media advertisement

Use local TV stations, local broadcasts, and local outdoor media as the main distribution points to promote the children's playground, and the cost is relatively moderate. The effect is average, and the trial period can be improved. Promotions are just to attract traffic, and the actual benefits have to be supported by various activities in the store, such as annual cards and monthly cards. Generally speaking, the activity is set for a period to avoid a decline in income.

Banners and logos

This is also a kind of propaganda. Near the entrance of the park, use huge banners and signs to show your address and nature, which can directly stimulate the passing people and make it more attractive. Use simple words or patterns to tell the other party where you are and what you are doing to achieve word-of-mouth communication and user establishment. The advantages are labor-saving, long time limit, and obvious publicity effect. The disadvantage is that it is only aimed at people who can be seen by passing by, and the scope of publicity restrictions is small.

You can try all of the above methods, or you can promote it on the Internet yourself, you can build your own blog, or you can add some education, children's post bar for publicity, etc.