What are the ways to make profit of indoor playground?
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With the improvement of people's living standards, the children's playground market is also expanding. For investors, how to use indoor children's playgrounds to achieve more profits is the most interesting topic. Children's playgrounds are a sunrise industry, and many investors are After seeing business opportunities, they have joined in to realize their dream of wealth, so what are the ways to make money in running an indoor children's playground?

 Indoor park ticket revenue

The main profit method of indoor children's parks is tickets. The specific fares should be comprehensively considered and formulated with reference to the local market consumption level, the proportion of parents' income and spending on children, and the location of the park's storefront. The parent group is the real consumer of the park project, so investors should take their feelings into account and provide parents with a rest and entertainment area with WiFi and sofa seats, so that adults and children can relax and continue to attract tourists come to spend 

 Souvenir income  

Most indoor children's parks require children to wear special socks or socks that meet the regulations when entering the park. In addition, there are usually sales offices for souvenirs such as plush toys in the waiting area. The sales revenue of socks and souvenirs also constitutes the children's park. One of the important components of profit.

Membership card income

Membership cards are usually divided into monthly cards, quarterly cards and annual cards. Customers who apply for membership cards can enjoy many discounts. For example, card members can enjoy discounts based on the price of a single ticket. Membership card income is also an important means for the park to expand its profitability.

 Toys, Snacks, Beverage Income

Many indoor children's parks will open some bars to sell snacks and drinks. Compared with toys, the lower profits of snacks and drinks are just a way to attract children. Placing some toys on the bar can increase revenue by taking advantage of the low cost of toys and high profits, which are not easy to overwhelm. It should be noted that the price of toys should not be set too high. If the price is too expensive, the child will cry and shout to buy it when they see it, which will put a lot of pressure on parents and affect the reputation of the park.

Revenue from other channels

There are many other incomes in indoor children's parks. For example, some parks will open photo commemorative activities, which are often expensive. Now more and more parks have begun to cooperate with some early education institutions to attract customers by opening parent-child training courses. In general, a successful children's park profit model should be as diverse as possible, and should not rely too much on traditional income such as tickets, and rationally use various links to increase customer interest points to attract consumption, so as to maximize the interests of the park.