What do I need to pay attention to when opening a indoor playground in a mall?
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Nowadays, the children's playground is very popular. Large shopping malls, supermarkets, communities and other densely populated places have become ideal investment targets for investors in children's playgrounds. Indoor playground has the advantages of being comprehensive, interactive, and not subject to site restrictions. It is deeply loved by investors and is one of the first choice investment projects for children's playgrounds. Many investment operators will choose to open naughty castles in major shopping malls, supermarkets, communities and other places. So what matters should be paid attention to how to manage the mall to open a indoor playground? Let me share with you the precautions of indoor playground.

When operating a indoor playground, it is best to prepare entry instructions and precautions, such as taking off your shoes before entering the naughty fort They are placed in lockers; customers are forbidden to fight or chase during the game, and a series of precautions, such as the risk of improper behavior of themselves and others; maintain the sanitation and safety in the indoor playground, and at the same time, regularly conduct inspections on the park Disinfect and clean, keep the park clean and tidy, so that parents and children can play in the park more at ease.

Security, this topic must be paid attention to at any time and in any field, and it is also an important prerequisite for any consideration. In particular, operators engaged in the indoor playground industry of indoor children's playgrounds must first ensure that the quality of amusement equipment is qualified and there is no safety hazard.

At the same time, check the safety of the equipment regularly, check whether the protective measures are damaged or fall off, whether there are sharp edges and corners, and whether the components are firm. To avoid potential safety hazards such as bumps, falls, and loose screws caused by children's accidental eating. Secondly, pay attention to the safety measures of the playground. When infants and young children play in the playground, prevent toys with long ropes and small parts in the playground, and ensure that safety inspection measures are in place.

It is best for managers to train employees on a regular basis and actively learn various business equipment operation knowledge. Employees are required to abide by rules and regulations, maintain personal hygiene, dress neatly, smile when talking with customers, and answer patiently when customers ask questions. On the premise of respecting tourists, it is necessary to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of tourists to visit the park, increase the enthusiasm and sense of experience of customers to visit the park, and cultivate customers' "loyalty" to the children's playground.