What if the customer has an accident in the indoor playground?
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We all know that the current safety measures for children's playgrounds are in place, but tourists may also have some accidents when playing, which may be the reasons of the tourists themselves, or the equipment may be faulty, which requires us to timely solve. Today, I will tell you what to do if a tourist has a personal accident in the park to deal with emergencies.

It is important to soothe the emotions of tourists.

For ordinary accidental injuries, the customer should be appeased first, and the injuries of the injured should be checked at the scene to determine the injury status of the injured. Dealing with customer injuries at the scene requires managers to come forward in a timely manner, in accordance with the principle of first treatment and then disposal; if tourists are injured in the playground, they must be sent to the hospital immediately, and compensation will be paid according to the situation.

Cannot rescue without professional knowledge

If a guest has a sudden heart attack, heat stroke, excessive fatigue and other emergencies, they should call 120 immediately. If they do not have professional knowledge, do not blindly rescue them; first, let the patient lie down and do not move the neck so as not to affect breathing. If necessary, please call 120 ambulance to the scene for first aid.

Pay attention to on-site protection and collect claim information

Protect evidence at the scene, film or save video. Patients without fractures can be treated on the spot. Injured patients cannot move around to avoid re-injury. Be mentally prepared in the hospital and wait for the arrival of medical staff. For playgrounds that purchase public liability insurance, the manager immediately informs the insurance broker, conducts on-the-spot surveys, takes photos, and saves relevant materials (such as bills, medical records, etc.) in accordance with relevant regulations.