What types of outdoor fitness equipment are there?
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Nowadays, most people pay great attention to fitness, and more and more communities, parks, outdoor squares and other places have installed various outdoor public fitness equipment. A lot of people are definitely used to working out with this type of fitness equipment in the morning or evening. Therefore, when choosing these outdoor fitness equipment, you should also consider what kind of equipment is suitable for residents to use. 

1.Tai Chi pusher

This kind of equipment is very suitable for the elderly to use, the legs are in a horse stance, and the hand and mouth wheel handle is turned in the same direction or in the opposite direction. Its main function is to increase the mobility of the shoulders and other parts, evenly and slowly, without too much force.

2.walking machine

This type of equipment is mainly to exercise the strength of the muscles of the lower limbs, but also to maintain flexibility, which is of great benefit to the health of the cardiovascular or cardiopulmonary respiratory system. When using it, be sure to hold your hands with both hands to prevent accidental falls. In addition, the walking range is not too large to avoid injury.

3.abdominal plate

This type of equipment is very effective for people who work on the computer for a long time. If you can stick to 60 times a day to exercise your waist, it will make your back more relaxed. This type of equipment is not only fitness equipment but also can relieve lumbar muscle strain and fascia strain. The most important thing is to maintain the correct posture, lie flat on the abs, and do sit-ups to exercise the abdominal muscles.

Every piece of fitness equipment is vital to people today, and it is only by exercising every day that you can stay young and keep your physical skills in good shape. So it's not that you have to give up the fun of fitness when you are old, but you should insist that the fun of fitness should be more intense with age.