What you need to know about operating a trampoline park?
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How much does it cost to open a popular trampoline park now? This is what every investor and entrepreneur who wants a trampoline park project wants to know. But here, I can also clearly say to all investors and entrepreneurs, that because there are many types, functions, and ways of playing trampoline projects, their price will also go according to their project configuration, so Investment budgets are also very volatile.

If you want to open a trampoline park now, there are several costs that need to be clear. If you know these investments clearly, you can better understand the return on investment and the cycle of return on investment in the later period.

The first is the rental situation of trampoline parks. The consumption level of each city is different, and the price standard of the shop will also be different. Especially when negotiating venues with shopping malls, some shopping malls will have a rent-free period, and some shopping malls will cooperate in the mode of cooperation and sharing.

The Second is the decoration cost price of the trampoline park. After the venue of the trampoline park is determined, it is necessary to find a suitable manufacturer to come up with the plan and start the decoration. The decoration of the trampoline park does not need to be too complicated, because the bottom of the trampoline park is full of steel frames, and the bottom surface cannot be seen, so the bottom surface does not need to be treated. The walls are decorated with wall painting and spray painting, and the ceiling mainly lights. Therefore, the decoration investment is generally not too high, and it can be directly integrated into the equipment price of the trampoline park.

The third is the equipment cost of the trampoline park. The cost of trampoline park equipment is to be produced and purchased according to the planning and design of the entire program. The materials of trampoline parks generally include steel frame structures, trampoline surfaces, springs, soft bags, aisle fences, etc. For a general trampoline park, the approximate price range is about $64-107 per square meter, but if it is combined with other park projects Combined, such as adding naughty castles, adult or children's rock climbing, slam dunk areas, plum blossom piles, and other projects, then the overall functionality and rich playability will be greatly improved, and the benefits will be different, like this The average price of the project is about 128-170 US dollars per square meter.

The fourth is the operating cost of the trampoline park. Cost of staff for trampoline park configuration. The number of employees in the trampoline park is related to the size of the trampoline park and the local flow of people, and there are different proportional relationships. There are also expenses for the normal water and electricity expenses of the trampoline park and the expenses for marketing and promotion.