Why is the unpowered park popular?
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Now more and more unpowered parks appear around us. Compared with the previous indoor parks, most of them are limited by the space environment, and the types of play and projects do not have outstanding characteristics. Many of them will lose their fun after playing for a long time. . And now more parents like to take their children out to experience nature theme parks and increase their extracurricular activities! Here is a summary of why more and more parents like to take their children to the parent-child non-powered park.

Increase parent-child relationship 

Some shopping malls now have amusement parks, but indoor amusement parks are limited in space, and the types of play are also common. Now most parents born in the 80s and 90s want to let their children go out of the room and get more exposure to nature. The way of playing allows children to experience the real amusement, and the unpowered amusement park is more in line with the needs of parents. Good parent-child interaction is conducive to harmonious parent-child relationship, improves children's mental health development, and can also bring parents a high emotional state. Parents can pay more attention to children's behaviors as they go outdoors and interact with the outside world, which promotes emotional communication and understanding between the parents and children.

Release the child's nature

The current outdoor parent-child non-powered amusement park is more user-friendly in design. The types of equipment and equipment matching in the amusement park also take into account the children's playful and lively nature, allowing them to release their nature and play as much as they want. Therefore, the parent-child non-powered paradise is worthy of relaxation for parents, so that children can play according to their own ideas during the play, and the cooperation of parents or other children is required during the play, and the ability to slowly cooperate will also be discovered come ou

Exercise children's autonomy

At present, the program design adopted by most unpowered parent-child amusement parks tends to be more interesting, and the design of difficulty is also targeted, so that it can be more accurately placed in the consumer market. In view of the characteristics of the facilities for parent-child activities, it is enough for children to play independently, and some may also set up different levels to exercise their independent ability. This kind of entertaining and entertaining experiential learning is also worth promoting!

The design and construction of the parent-child non-powered amusement park need to go through on-site inspections, based on the geographical environment, and create a comprehensive space around the theme that children can imagine, simulate, and play happily. Not only can children experience the fun of playing and learning, but it can also add a little bit of light to the entire city, which is widely praised by parents!